The article talks about all the different methods by which a practice of playing different word games can help to increase the memory of the player.

English, as a language, plays an important role today where every person is expected to be acquainted with the language. It is the only language that is spoken by almost 20% of the world’s population despite the fact that it is not their native language.

Ways to Improve your English

Crosswords and Word Games have proved to be an excellent method of learning new words and increasing the boundaries of our vocabulary while being a source of fun and excitement during our leisure time. 

But, the ability to learn new words is not the only benefit of playing Word Games. Word games act as an excellent method for improving the memory of the player.

The Advanced Cognitive Training for Independent and Vital Elderly (ACTIVE) has proved that consistent practice of word puzzles, memory games, and other visual recognition tasks can help improve memory. The conclusion was based on the test results of the group. 

Tips to Improve your English Memory

Word games like Wordscapes Reveal, Word cookies, scrabble, puzzles, and other memory games have a significant effect on the working pattern of the brain for any given person. These games force the brain to pick up letters and try forming words subconsciously.

It helps to enhance the reasoning abilities and common sense of the player while also significantly alternating the cognitive ability (the ability to think, explore and figure things) as well. This also helps to improve the ability to solve problems thus having a positive effect on the memory of the player. 

Another major factor that impacts the growth and development of an individual is his ability to concentrate in any given situation. The lack of concentration can hamper is personal as well as professional success.

Although, this issue can be cured by practicing word games since the player is forced to channelize his attention towards the game only. A significant increase in the attention span of the player proves to be a favorable advantage. 

How Word Games Help us to Improve your English

According to science, Word Games help trigger that part of the brain which deals with short term memory and long term memory while altering the relation between brain cells at the same time.

They help in creating new relations with the brain cells while also reinforcing the relation with the old cells which leads to a significant boost to the memory of the player. 

Word games are a wonderful source of workout for the brain. But the catch is that the players need to avoid activities that they are comfortable with. The most important way of improving the memory power of the brain is to do so by stepping out of your individual comfort zone and playing games that he would otherwise avoid.

The brain is forced to work in a scenario where the individual is not comfortable and ensures that all the senses of the said person are active and working at the same time. 

Word games also ensure that the brain has to recall the vocabulary already known to him at a fast pace which won’t happen otherwise. As a result of this tendency, the player will slowly start recollecting these words in his day to day conversations and will find himself using them more frequently.

He will also develop the tendency of trying to keep new words at the tip of his tongue in order to make use of these words whenever he is playing the game for the next time.


Word games like scrabble, memory games and some others have been into existence for a very long time and a major section of the human population has played these games irrespective of whether he likes it or not. The ones who have played the game more frequently have also felt the positive changes in the working of their brain and have now developed this as a constant practice.

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