In India, the power supply is now a bit unsteady, with voltage fluctuations in many locations when a current-voltage goes down, the current level increases in the appliances, which can result in the burning of the device or even your home.

The voltage stabilizers are many essential options for effective power management. However, choosing a perfect voltage stabilizer for your AC can be a difficult task in all possibilities.

With hundreds of best stabilizer brands of India, choosing one is not much easy as you think. The suggestions here should help you to get the best stabilizer for AC.

How to choose the best Stabilizer for AC

Here we are giving you key factors that would be helpful enough in taking care of your requirements. This list will help you to choose the best stabilizer for AC.

1. Size of Stabilizer

The stabilizer comes with different capacities and rated Volt-Amp and Kilovat Amp(VA or KVA). You can check to the load connected to arrive at the size of your stabilizer. If the connected load is around 1000 VA, you would need to have access to a stabilizer with 1200 VA capacity.

As a result, the stabilizer for AC in low voltage that won’t need much large size.

2. Power Supply

You need to check out the voltage fluctuations in your location and find which type of stabilizer you’ll need to purchase. This information should be available on the product info page on the official website.

3. Overload Protection

This is one of an essential feature, which ensures that the stabilizer is turned off automatically when it detects any short circuits or burnouts.

This feature will help you safeguard the possibility of such issues and provides you with a 100% protection against it.

4. Meter Indicators

It shows the voltage that has been regulated by the voltage stabilizer. Most of the stabilizers show the power on indicators, but a few others are more advanced can offer you a more number of indicators. The latest models come with a feature like LED indicators.

5. Time Delay System

The feature lets the compressor to choose a time delay functionality. This will help generate the requisite voltage. If there is a power cut, then the compressor will have enough time to balance the current flow and the necessary voltage.


These factors will help you to make the best choice in a stabilizer for an AC in low voltage or a 2 ton AC. We hope we made your task a little easier to select the best stabilizer.

If you have any suggestions or other possibilities, how to choose the best stabilizers for AC, feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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