In this article, we will come up with the best Kodi repositories for Kodi. These repositories work on FireStick and Fire TV devices along with other Kodi platforms like Android mobiles and TV boxes.

What are Kodi Repositories?

Kodi doesn’t host any of its own content and allows you to stream content from external sources. To do so, you will need Kodi add-ons and that’s where repositories come into play. Kodi repository also called as Kodi repo, it is where all the add-on files are stored.

A user can download the add-on from the Kodi repository at any time. The Kodi repo allows you to access the Kodi add-ons.

There are many options out there, and a large number of choices, so it is hard to choose the best Kodi repositories. While choosing the best one, not only the volume is to be considered, but it is also important that the add-ons provided are popular and useful.

The good news is that there are hundreds of high-quality add-ons for Kodi. We had made it easier for you by selecting only the best Kodi add-ons that are available at the moment. Among the 100+ found add-ons, we have gathered a list of best Kodi repositories in 2019.

5 Best Kodi Repositories

1.     Super Repo

2.     Kodil Repo

3.     Supremacy Repository 

4.     Stream hub repo

5.     Brettus Repository

Super Repo

The supper repo is one of the best Kodi repositories which has lots of sub-repository, due to its vast collections of diverse add-ons. It is the most reliable repository. Super repos have nearly 1700+ add-ons.

In that 1000+ add-ons are video add-ons, and it is the largest of all repository. Due to the large size of the repository, they have even provided part installation of the repository. The super repository has more than 500 repositories linked to it.

Kodil Repository

Kodi repository took the place of Ares repository, after the shutdown. During the shutdown, ares repo has more than a million active users. The user base got split and most of them opted for the Kodil repository, after the shutdown.

This repository has the contents of ares repo, and they are still working till this date. A lot of developers begun to host their add-ons on the Kodil repo, after this incident. It has nearly 400 video addons and 80+ program addons. And hundreds of other addons like music, pictures, and few more addons.

Supremacy Repository

If you are a sports freak, then this is the special repository for sports lovers. Supremacy repository is fully dedicated to sports addons. It is the host for the best sports addons like Planet MMA, Elektra Vault and sports devil.

With these add-ons, you can stream all the live sports events, replays, and highlights too. It also has a few all in one addon like Magic Dragon and lots of entertainment add-ons too. Totally it has22 video addons and 5 program addons.

Stream hub repo

Stream hub repo is yet another repo for entertainment which can stream movies, TV shows, etc. They can stream the same content in various qualities such as 4K, HD (100p), 720p, 360p, which is the unique feature of this repo.

It helps the Kodi user who has limited or low bandwidth. Stream hub and flixanity are some of the famous addons from this repo.

Brettus Repository

Are you a cartoon and anime lover? Looking for some of the best addons? Then this Brettus Repository will serve your needs. This repo is known for its vast variety of contents.

Brettus repo has some separate add-on for each and every contents.

It is a power pack repository for all your needs and it has a separate scraper to fetch the streaming links. The main specialty of the Brettus repository is streaming old contents and it has a lot of evergreen TV shows, movies and anime series from the early ’90s.


We have listed the best Kodi repositories you can download to maximize your experience of Kodi in 2019. These repos have amazing and entertaining add-ons which would keep you addicted for hours. If you think we have missed any worth mentioning repo in the list, you can feel free to mention that in the comments.


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