Best rock type pokemon in generation 1

Rock type is the sixth Pokemon showed up on the anime among the other 18 types. Even though they are fast but their attacks are a little slow. They are also considered as the most abundant type, and it’s partially ground type too. They are attacks super effective against the Fire, Ice, Flying and Bug-type

top kodi repo

Top 5 Best Kodi Repositories You Should Install

In this article, we will come up with the best Kodi repositories for Kodi. These repositories work on FireStick and Fire TV devices along with other Kodi platforms like Android mobiles and TV boxes. What are Kodi Repositories? Kodi doesn’t host any of its own content and allows you to stream content from external sources.

What is an Open VPN connection and how to configure it?

Before going into the topic, let’s have a quick introduction to the VPN. On a general note, VPN’s are programs which add additional security your internet connection thereby protects your data. The most notable and interesting feature is, using a VPN you can get access to Geo-restricted content. If you are familiar with platforms like

How to Install and Watch Netflix on Raspberry Pi

This article is about the best way to install Netflix on Raspberry pi with a good video streaming quality, without any lagging or delay. Raspberry pi The Netflix isn’t really compatible with RPi, the Netflix use WideVine as its library so that the raspberry pi 3 is most suitable to install and watch Netflix, to